Tuesday, August 31, 2004

OS/2 startup options

Looking for the equivalent of the Windows F5 and F8 startup features in OS/2? I didn't think so...

Here they are anyway:

When white box and OS/2 name appear at start up press:
ALT - F1 for a recovery menu
ALT - F2 for a driver by driver blow by blow

At the recovery menu:
ESC to coninue normally
F2 for command line
F3 for fixing your graphics
F4 for a safemode type desktop
F5 for hardware detection
F6 for no hardware detection
0...3 for restore point type functions

During boot when the screen becomes a solid color:
CTRL-SHIFT-F1 to stop reloading the previous applications

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Altigen 4.6 CDR Date and Time conversion

If dealing with the raw CDR data, you can convert the date and time fields like so:


Using 18000 adjusts for daylight savings, 14400 does not.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

AVANALOG.AVD entries for NEC Aspire

OS/2 Repartee behind Nitsuko / NEC Aspire key system.

Beware of disconnects while in mailbox menu: call will default to OPEN action after greeting. Can use non-grunt detection to disconnect box if necesary.

Name=Nitsuko Optima
Data1= ***1U OPENING
Data2= ***2TF** NOANSWER
Data3= ***2IF NOANSWER
Data4= ***3TF** NOANSWER
Data5= ***3IF NOANSWER
Data6= ***4TF** NOANSWER
Data7= ***4IF BUSY
Data8= ***5TF** NOANSWER
Data9= ***5IF NOANSWER
Data10= ***6T TRUNK
Data11= ***8U OPENING
Data12= #I DIRECT
Data13= 9999 HANGUP

Friday, August 13, 2004

Repartee for Windows 2.2 Management

One for the annoying memory banks:

If you are flagged a system manager in the Personal Directory, but the administration application is running on the server (or presumably anywhere on the network), you will not be given management options via the TUI.

Typically option 0 provides management functions audibly, but isn't verbalized in the menu nor available to dial if the Administration Console is logged in.

Probably a good safety feature, but annoying if you are already careful about management status.

Monday, August 09, 2004

VBScript to delete files by date

Here's a little ditty to look for files of a particular age in a particular folder and delete them. Saved me a headache today.

I find VBScript much like college Spanish class. It's really easy to understand, but really hard to remember for very long.

' Script to Delete Files
' in a particular folder
' over seven days old

'create object and define folder to search
Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set fol = fso.GetFolder("C:\test")

'rem the next line to run silently
msgbox "It is now: " & now

'loop through files
For Each file In fol.Files

'get the difference in dates
'other options are yyyy, q, m, y, w, ww, h, n, s
myDiff = datediff("d",file.datecreated,now)

'lets say 7 days old
if myDiff > 7 then
'rem the next line to run silent
msgbox "Deleting: " & file.Name & " " & file.datecreated & " " & myDiff
'delete the file here where 'the 1 (TRUE) forces deletion of readonly files
file.delete 1
'rem the next two lines to run silently
msgbox "Not deleting: " & file.Name & " " & file.datecreated & " " & myDiff
end if

'end of script