Friday, December 31, 2010

X-Lite or third party SIP phone and CUCM / CallManager

Quick notes regarding X-Lite or third party SIP phones and CUCM / CallManager testing:

Use a SIP profile that requires digest authentication.

The username is your DN.

The authorization user is your username.

Your password is the user's digest credentials.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cisco Unity message notification dialing rules dialing permissions

When modifying the Home Phone, Phone 2, etc. message notification devices for users, you may run into situations where the Phone Number: field will not accept entries that are not restricted. The error returned is “Phone number does not fit the dialing rules or dialing permissions”.

You DO need to first verify the number you are trying to enter is not restricted. In Call Management > Restriction Tables, verify you have a restriction table that allows the number you are trying to enter. Remember, the Dial String list is analyzed from top (0) down, so for example, not allowing 9* in string 0 but allowing 9011 in string 1 will block all numbers starting with 9, including those starting with 9011 (assuming your Minimum and Maximum digits allowed are met).

Then, verify your Subscriber’s Class of Service is using that Restriction Table for Outcalling. See Subscribers > Profile and Class of Service > Restriction Tables.

Then, when you try to add a number to a message notification device for that subscriber that is verified allowed, you may have the SAME PROBLEM!.

It appears that when modifying that field, the Class of Service of the user CURRENTLY LOGGED INTO THE GUI is checked, rather than the Subscriber’s, as defined in the GUI.

The answer is to have the end user modify the entry themselves via http://your unity server/ciscopca.