Sunday, February 23, 2014

I can't even imagine something more horrifying...

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cisco WFO QM Calabrio error QMAD2003 sync with UCCX

Installing Cisco WFO Quality Manager 9.0.1 on UCCX 9.0.1 and find there are no agents available in the QM Administrator to license, link or whatever.  When attempting to synchronize database with UCCX from the Administrator menu, I receive a QMAD2003 error popup.   See below...

The QM synch log files indicate failures to reach side A and B.  See below...

2014-02-19 11:53:58,655 INFO SYNC0000 Getting agents...
2014-02-19 11:53:58,836 ERROR SYNC2000
Failed to connect to side A of an ACD connection. Will try side B
2014-02-19 11:53:59,013 ERROR SYNC2001 Synchronization failed with exception.
2014-02-19 11:54:25,829 INFO SYNC0000 Synchronizing [com.calabrio.qm.sync.QmSourceFactory$1@1dec1dd to using].
2014-02-19 11:54:25,829 INFO SYNC0000 Getting agents...
2014-02-19 11:54:26,000 ERROR SYNC2000 Failed to connect to side A of an ACD connection. Will try side B
2014-02-19 12:03:58,504 INFO SYNC0000 Initiating scheduled batch synchronization.
2014-02-19 12:03:58,653 INFO SYNC0000 Synchronizing [com.calabrio.qm.sync.QmSourceFactory$1@1dec1dd to using].
2014-02-19 12:03:58,653 INFO SYNC0000 Getting agents...
2014-02-19 12:03:58,829 ERROR SYNC2000 Failed to connect to side A of an ACD connection. Will try side B
2014-02-19 12:03:59,027 ERROR SYNC2001 Synchronization failed with exception.

The workforce user in UCCX (see password management in UCCX) was simplified in the event extended characters were an issue.  They were set on both UCCX servers in the HA pair and validated to match.  The QM synch service was restarted on the base server and both QM server(s) were restarted entirely.  Was not feeling the love.

Ultimately, the fix was to change the UCCX servers to lower case in postinstall or QM admin.  That's all.  Just change the names to lower case.

Don't mess with the _uccx suffix, don't try adding domain names, don't think you missed anything because I still can't find any Cisco or Calabrio documentation or training video or material that references this requirement.

EDIT: There is reference to name requirements in some Cisco OEM documentation. From the Cisco 901 Quality Management Installation Guide: If the server name contains a hyphen (-), replace the hyphen with an underscore (_) when you enter the server name in this field. This ensures the correct configuration of the file name. Configuration Setup appends _uccx to the name that appears in this field the next time you run Configuration Setup.

Good stuff.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cisco CER Emergency Responder Native Agent Adapter stopped

Recently performed a bridge upgrade from Cisco Emergency Responder 7 something to  I backed up the production system, installed fresh on a lab server, upgraded to an interim release that could get me to version 9 and that failed miserably.  TAC supplied an installable ISO of the interim version and I was able to install that on the lab server successfully and then upgrade to 9, where I could only do a backup do the nature of the bridge upgrade.  With that, I figured something would go wrong.

After ultimately putting the new 9 version into production and testing alerting and call routing successfully, I poked around to verify health and found the Native Agent Adapter stopped.  I couldn't start it from the Serviceability GUI, nor the CLI.

This was concerning as the description is "This service allows you to forward SNMP requests to another SNMP agent that runs on the system." and given CER relies heavily on SNMP, I was sure I was doomed.

As it turns out, it's a bug, you don't need it, it will never run in VMware, and Cisco is going to make it go away at some point.

There goes an hour of Googling....

CSCto04582    "Native Agent Adapter " service should be removed

VMware install Native agent adapter service is stopped in the CER services page. Cannot be started.
CLI from CER when executing 
utils service list
Native Agent Adapter[STOPPED] Component is not running

VMware installations.. VMware installs will show Native Agent Adapter STOPPED and cannot be started.

There is None. This is a cosmetic error and can be avoided. VMware does not use the Native Agent Adapter and will not start nor can be started.