Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cisco CUCM - The rhosts file on does not match the publisher

Just a brief note re: checking Cisco CUCM database replication.

I am fond of using the "Cisco Unified Reporting" option in the upper right drop down of the Cisco CUCM web admin interface to verify replication is good.  You can do the same via CLI or via RTMT, but the "Unified CM Database Status" report is a conglomeration of multiple CLI commands in on easy to run report.  Why try to remember all the options when you can run one report?

With that, had you only verified DB replication from CLI or RTMT, you might never encounter the "The rhosts file on XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX does not match the publisher" error.

The easiest first step to regenerate the rhosts file on the offending server is to restart the A Cisco DB service on the server in question.

SSH to the server with the rhosts file out of order.
Run utils service restart A Cisco DB and wait until the process completes.  You should see A Cisco DB[STARTED] when it's successful.
Run your "Unified CM Database Status" report again, and you should be all set.