Wednesday, July 04, 2007

CUCME CallManager Express 4.1 GUI

Commonly you are presented with a broken administration page at https://your CME server/ccme.html. You can find guides at or even your local CME html help page on troubleshooting setting up your HTTP server and authentication correctly, and how to copy the GUI components correctly.

If all else fails, check your ephone dn users. If you show run and find, for example:

ephone 1
username "user4900" password 4900
mac-address 001A.E2BC.6830
paging-dn 1
type 7961
button 1:5

I suggest you remove all the usernames with no username "user4900" password 4900, etc. and the re add them using username username4900 password 4900.

I ran into this using the QCT with:
Software Version 12.4(11)XJ2 / CME 4.1(0)
GUI Version (Compatible with IOS 12.4(11)XJ)

I can only assume QCT inserts an extra quote or something that breaks the GUI javascript. TAC has a similar report of having quotes in directory names under telephony-services, but not re: ephone names.

Incidentally, after adding them again, the names still have quotes surrounding them, but the GUI works.