Saturday, April 15, 2006

Broadcast Fax from a desktop PC

Microsoft XP
Microsoft Outlook 2000 / XP /2003
a modem

Step 1:
Install the XP fax service. Go to Start | Control Panel | Add / Remove Programs | Add / Remove Windows Components | Fax.

Step 2:
Add the Fax Transport service in Outlook. In Outlook, go to Tools | E-Mail Accounts | Add a new email account | Additional Server Types | Fax Mail Transport.

Step 3:
Try it. Add two new contacts in Outlook with business fax numbers. Create a distribution group and add the two contacts Notice you will be given the option to add the contact with an email address, and the same contact with a fax number. In this case, add the contact with the fax number. Address a new email message to the group with a blank subject and body, but attach a Word document. Choose to send.

You will find the Fax Console (after it's configured) dial and deliver the Word document as a fax to both recipients.