Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cisco debug commands for FXS troubleshooting

A short list of some basic IOS debug commands used during some FXS troubleshooting and why...

debug mgcp [packets]
Use to view the complete MGCP packets exchanged between CUCM and router.

debug vpm signal
Use to view the on−hook and off−hook signaling for the voice port.

debug vtsp dsp
Use to view digits collection performed on the router.

debug vtsp tone
Use to view any tone generated by the router (dial tone, busy signal, fastbusy, etc)

To save logs to the VG224, router, switch, etc., check the logging command and show logging to verify what is set now.

logging buffered debugging
Log debug messages to an internal buffer with a default size

Monday, August 15, 2011

Cisco WLC physically find AP by making LED flash

So you need to physically find a deployed AP that is controlled by a WLC but don't have a physical map...

(You can find this information in the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Configuration Guide.  Reposted here because it's easier than finding it there.)

To enable the controller to send commands to the access point from its CLI, enter this command

debug ap enable your_access_point_name

To cause a specific access point to flash its LEDs for a specified number of seconds, enter this command:

debug ap command "led flash seconds" your_access_point_name

You can enter a value between 1 and 3600 seconds for the seconds parameter.

To disable LED flashing for a specific access point, enter this command:

debug ap command "led flash disable" your_access_point_name

I believe you can still also issue the led flash commands on the local APs but that requires telnetting or SSHing to individual devices.