Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Cisco Unity Connection and Office 365 Unified Messaging Integration

Helped a cohort out troubleshooting a new Unity Connection 11 and Office 365 Unified Messaging integration today.  A couple quick notes to help you out:
  • It's recommended to use Search for Hosted Exchange Servers.   
  • The Active Directory DNS Domain Name has been outlook .office365.com at the last few sites I've dealt with or deployed.
  • The username to access Exchange must be in the username@domain.com format.
  • As usual, Unity Connection errors can be misleading.  Here we were being returned a "Searching the network Failed to locate a Domain Controller via DNS." error.  Despite looking to be a network access or name resolution problem, it's actually a symptom of a bad password on the Exchange access account. 
Good job, Cisco.