Friday, June 25, 2004

Repartee for Windows database checks

Before migration from OS/2, and after UPGCHK.EXE errors, you might use:

vmailos2 dbchk /f as a database cleanup tool. Note: if running 7.47, verify Q version is 703pr15 or later. Without a PRN update from Active Voice support, bad things will happen associated with leftover Y2K issues.

vmailos2 filedump /e /nXXX /d where XXX is the record number associated with error in upgchk.log. You can manually remove these bad records (i.e. FAX_LIB on non fax enabled systems).

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Arcserve 7 for Novell Database Damage

If your database is definately hosed, perform the following:

a) At the server console, perform ASTOP
b) From a Workstation, rename the DATABASE directory which is in the ARCSERVE directory
c) Make a copy of the EMPTYDB directory and rename it to DATABASE (you effectively have a fresh blank database now)
d) Perform ASTART at the server console
e) Merge the backup tape back into the database.
f) Once this is completed, perform the restore as the tape contents will be in the new database

Subsequent backups should merge into the database as normal, previous backups will have to be merged back in.  If the tape contents are ot merging into the database for any reason, you can tweak BTrieve - post your NetWare version and Service Pack and I can post tweaks you can try

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Monday, June 21, 2004

Repartee for Windows Message Order

On version 2.2, you can only change FIFO / LIFO order.

Modifyin the message stack (i.e. subscribers then message box) will be available on 2.3.

This was available on OS/2 via MSGORDER after shutdown at command line.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

VB6 run-time error 713

After working with Excel 2000 text boxes, and vb.NET, running a project in VB6 with text boxes bound to Access 2000 data fields blows error 713.

Execute regsvr32 msbind.dll in X:\WINNT\System32.

Problem solved. Not sure what caused it, but the .net and Excel ideas seem relevant.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Repartee for Win200 and Fujitsu F9600

You may find the only integration that functions is the message waiting indicators.

Assuming 4 digit PBX extensions and 7 digit SMDI extensions, you must edit the Serial_Fujitsu.ini file as follows:

DefaultExtLen= 7
SwsDefaultExtLen= 7
MinExtLen= 4
MaxExtLen= 7
MaxLampExtLen= 7

If you are stunting direct transfers to the voicemail server using forwarded 5 digit virtual lines on the 9600, you need to use Extension Remapping on the server.

Where actual MLDTs / SLTs are 1XXX, virtual lines are 31XXX, use remapping entries 31* and 1*.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Repartee for Win2000 and Iwatsu ADIX

On the Iwatsu ADIX, it was common to simply send forwarding extensions and 9 plus the originating extensions to voicemail systems.

If you wish to retain this simplicity behind a Repartee for Windows, you need to edit the AVANALOG.AVD file.

Add the lines:

Data36= 9I DIRECT
Data38= 9 OPENING
Data39= 77xxx OPENING

to the [ADIX] field.

Data 36 prompts for a password when retrieving messages, Data 37 plays greetings associated with forwarding extensions, Data 38 plays the default opening greeting for extensions dialing the voicemail system, and Data 39 sends all trunk calls to the opening greeting as well when 77 is used in the ADIX as a trunk call packet.

Be careful to retain the spaces between fields in the AVANALOG.AVD file. The above example should be used as reference for the data, not the format. I suggest you copy and paste Data 35 and edit it appropriately.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Stop 0x0A messages installing and running XP

Microsoft Knowledge Base article 165863 describes good general troubleshooting techniques, but ultimately didn't help with my last attempt to install XP fresh on an old PCChips mobo.

Short story is the VIA chipsets were the problem. You can get the latest 4in1 drivers here:

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Dreamweaver MX ASP record update form

If you are using Dreamweaver MX to generate ASP code, it appears updating dates is a problem.

When Dreamweaver builds arrays of form fields and values, it seems to use a single quote ( ' ) SQL delimiter in all circumstances. Updating dates requires a pound ( # ) delimiter.

The following is Dreamweaver sample output:

This won't work if the field is a date format:
MM_fieldsStr = "myDate|value"
MM_columnsStr = "[myDate]|',none,NULL"

This will work:
MM_fieldsStr = "myDate|value"
MM_columnsStr = "[myDate]|#,none,NULL"

Choosing submitting as date during the form building wizard doesn't seem to have any effect.