Saturday, September 10, 2016

NetApp cable diagram when adding DS2246 disk shelves

I had a chance to help a cohort add storage to a couple NetApp deployments.  I basically had to cable the devices so he could provision them remotely later. 

They had two FAS2220 systems with double controllers (Multipath HA) in production and I had to attach the new DS2246 disk shelves.

NetApp publishes a quickstart guide that has nice cable drawings in them but none specifically with this (a single external storage shelf) as the end result.  In addition, the new shelves were racked above the original systems so the drawings were evening a bit more difficult to follow  by a NetApp noob.

Below is the production system, the racked external storage above it, and the ultimate path for the SAS and ACP cables.  Worked like a champ.

Hope it helps calm someone's storage nerves.