Thursday, April 25, 2013

Find Cisco phone devices associated with CUCM NumberOfRegisteredPhonesDropped alert

See: for similar information related to MGCP gateways dropping.

After configuring RTMT NumberOfRegisteredPhonesDropped alert to deliver information via email, I found associated phone device details are not included in the email. This can be a real problem on larger scale deployments and no other reporting tools available.

To find the devices in question:
  1. Freak out when receiving [RTMT-ALERT-StandAloneCluster] NumberOfRegisteredPhonesDropped alert.
  2. Hope the traces have been enabled in CUCM. The default Error level on CallManager should be sufficient.
  3. Go to RTMT | SysLog Viewer, and select a Node at the top of the right pane (the logs are specific to servers, so this might be tedious).
  4. In the Logs tab, go to Application Logs | AlternateSyslog .
    1. Your results may vary depending on versions.  Your option may be Application Logs | Archive | CiscoSysLog or something similar.
  5. In the bottom grid, scroll to the approximate time of the alert.
    1. If you choose the Save button at the bottom of the screen, you can save the AlternateSyslog to a text file to be searched with a text editor (Use something besides MS Notepad to save yourself headaches. I like Notepad++ at
  6. Search for EndPointUnregistered, StationConnectionError or maybe DeviceTransientConnection in the Message column.
  7. The DeviceName, IP address, Description, etc. of the affected device(s) will be included in the message.
  8. Note the Reason value in the message. It will shed light on why the device is unregistered.
  9. Search for System Error Messages for Cisco Unified Communications Manager  and find one appropriate to your CUCM version.
  10. Search that document for EndPointUnregistered for a description of why a phone was unregistered.
  11. Fix something.
Of course, your results may vary.

If you're in the right place, here's what it looks like on a CUCM 8.6 using RTMT 8.91:

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