Tuesday, May 25, 2004

NEC Aspire and Repartee Integration

Assuming you have 4 digit extension numbers, and 3 digit trunks, this is workable.

The Aspire in-band DTMF cannot be modified per manufacturer support 05/25/2004.

Disconnects will be a problem during direct calls to voicemail. By default, if a caller hangs up during the "please enter your password" prompt, the Aspire repeats 9999. Since this is an invalid password, the disconnected call returns to the OPEN box and ultimately transfers to the operator. Using TBoxes as auto-attendants allows you to say-bye after the OPEN greeting to avoid phantom ringing at the operator.

switch setup

Set switch type to Default
Change off hook delay from 25 to 15
Set lamp on code to #X01
Set integration options to INT=NITSUKO


Edit the Nitsuko related data as follows:

Name=Nitsuko Optima
Data1= ***1U OPENING
Data2= ***2TF** NOANSWER
Data3= ***2IF NOANSWER
Data4= ***3TF** NOANSWER
Data5= ***3IF NOANSWER
Data6= ***4TF** NOANSWER
Data7= ***4IF BUSY
Data8= ***5TF** NOANSWER
Data9= ***5IF NOANSWER
Data10= ***6T TRUNK
Data11= ***8U OPENING
Data12= #I DIRECT
Data13= 9999 HANGUP

You may need to duplicate entries 3, 5, 7, and 9 above and replace I with U to allow for calls from extensions without mailboxes. I have not tested this as of yet.

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