Friday, December 31, 2004

Fujitsu 9600 and Active Voice Repartee for Windows

So your integration doesn't work either?

Previously ran into this problem 6 months ago using 7 digit SMDI. After finding a customer using 10 digit SMDI, I discovered simply changing the 7s to 10s works. If I remember correctly, 7 digit was Fujitsu's default, but if you were trying to implement outside trunk ANI in Viewmail, you needed to switch to 10 digits. I seem to also remember this did odd things to subscriber to subscriber messaging, if ANI and extension numbers conflict. Good luck.

Assuming 4 digit PBX extensions and 10 digit SMDI extensions, you must edit the Serial_Fujitsu.ini file as follows:

DefaultExtLen= 10
SwsDefaultExtLen= 10
MinExtLen= 4
MaxExtLen= 10
MaxLampExtLen= 10

If you are stunting direct transfers to the voicemail server using forwarded 5 digit virtual lines on the 9600, you need to use Extension Remapping on the server.

Where actual MLDTs / SLTs are 1XXX, virtual lines are 31XXX, use remapping entries 31* and 1*.


  1. Anonymous6:11 PM

    We are having a problem with just the MWI back to the Fujitsu. All the rest of the SMDI seems to work.

    Any thoughts? It used to work when cabled directly, but we are replicating the SMDI signal to a second PBX as well with a Cisco VG248. We have connected Heperterm to the Cisco and see the right info for MWI but still the Fujitsu appears to not see it.

  2. Hmmm... Do we agree the Cisco device might be doing something suspicious then?

    The only thing that rings a bell then is that going back years ago (think DOS 6.22 Repartee versions), Active Voice had a couple extended ASCII characters at the end of a MWI string in the FUJI.AVD, SERIAL.AVD or whatever they were calling it at the time. Ultimately, until they started shipping Repartees that really did all the Fuji specific SMDI stuff, I would have to manually delete the offending characters.

    BTW, these characters did not appear in Hyperterminal. I had a "borrowed" version of SerialTest that saved my life.