Friday, March 31, 2006

Deny delete file permission problem

Removing the DELETE permission from the USERS group on a file / folder prevents deletions, moves, and renaming critical file data. That's what everyone asks for.

Unfortunately, it also prevents the deletion of TEMP files generated by editing Word, Excel, etc. documents with those folder permissions. If you are accustomed to right clicking those folders and creating new files and sub folders, you will also be prevented from renaming them.

Add the CREATOR OWNER user and allow modifications there.

The TEMP files are a by product of the CREATOR, despite the file being edited by someone else. They will now be deleted appropriately. The creator will be able to add and name files or folders any way they choose. All other users will be prevented from deleting, renaming, and moving that data.

The caveat is the creators CAN delete them.

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