Monday, January 29, 2007

MCS-7825 won't copy OS 2000.4.3(a) image

See bug at:

Apparently, Cisco doesn't know why it happens to some and not to others and there is no way to prevent running into it. When attempting to load OS 2000.4.3(a) on a supported MCS-7825-H2 or the like, everything will proceed until the image is copied o the disk(s). The copy will fail and you'll have to begin the process again.

You can simply keep retrying (it may take a dozen attempts) and ultimately it will work, or follow the steps on the link re: trashing the RAID array. If that doesn't work:

"If perform all of the above steps and this has not resolved the issue, I have also seen it resolved by performing a System Erase from the HP SmartStart CD menu options (when booted from), prior to installing. If you do not have a SmartStart CD, you may be able to perform a similar action in the BIOS menu (F9 on boot-up) to Erase NVRAM/Boot Disk in the Advanced Options sub-menu. "


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  1. Step 4 in bug guide at seems to help. Unfortunately, formatting the drives is an approximate 6 hour process each. The time and energy involved is probably a wash.