Thursday, October 27, 2011

Unity Connection CLID when transfering off premise

Customer using CUCMBE 6.1 asked me to create a new auto attendant in Unity Connection for a new office.  Several of the caller input options resulted in the caller being transferred off premise.  I found that by default, the DN of the transferring voice mail port was being presented to the PSTN via the PRI.  Using an external mask on the voicemail ports, or transferring to a forwarded DN on a CTI Route Point with an external mask still presented the voicemail DNs.

Ultimately found that the CLID of the original caller can be passed by adjusting a CUCM service parameter.


System - Service Parameters - - Cisco CallManager - Clusterwide Parameters (Device - Phone) - Display Original Calling Number on Transfer from Cisco Unity

The default is False.  When changing to True, the external destination number is presented with the CLID of the original external caller.


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