Monday, May 20, 2013

Cisco Unity 8 license inconsistency between servers

Customer running Cisco Unity 8 with servers in three locations using digital networking.  Found the license counts on each server were not the same and although licenses were available in the pool, subscribers could not be added at one site.

You may find errors re: "Stale license pool data" and / or communication failures with AD or global catalog servers.


The fix was running DOHPropTest and performing total resyncs.

  1. Open DohPropTest.exe from \commserver\techtools\.  The tool is available from the Unity Tools Depot as well and appears to execute the same application.
  2. Choose OK but do not enter the password.  This runs DOHPropTest in "read only" mode, which is rather comforting given what I've seen you can do if you actually provide a password.
  3. Choose ignore to password check.
  4. Choose AD Monitor, and choose TotalResync. Close the window.
  5. Choose GC Monitor, and choose TotalResync. Close the window.

There are some links that indicate this can be business impacting and should be done in a maintenace window, however my experience indicates your results may vary.  It took only seconds to complete (can verify in MS Event Viewer) and there was no indication users were impacted (approximately 500 users accross three servers).

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