Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cisco CUCM check database replication via CLI basics

Cisco has made reviewing CUCM server replication on newer versions pretty easy via the GUI. Choose Cisco Unified Reporting in the upper right, log in and choose System Reports | Unified CM Database Status and then choose Generate a new report.

You can also look for 2s in RTMT if that is available.

Sometimes the CLI is the only way to go, and I never remember the exact commands.

Check the DB replication status on all Cisco Unified Communications Manager nodes in the cluster to ensure that all servers are replicating database changes successfully. You can check by using either RTMT or a CLI command.

via CLI:
show perf query class "Number of Replicates Created and State of Replication"

– 0—Replication Not Started. Either no subscribers exist, or the Database Layer Monitor service has not been running since the subscriber was installed.
– 1—Replicates have been created, but their count is incorrect.
– 2—Replication is good.
– 3—Replication is bad in the cluster.
– 4—Replication setup did not succeed.

Just as an aside, there's another CLI command I like, where validate_network is not available via the question mark.  To check network connectivity and DNS server configuration, enter the CLI command below:
utils diagnose module validate_network

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