Sunday, October 30, 2016

UCCX CUIC Not Ready Custom Reason Codes

While migrating a client to UCCX 11.5 found them needing to use and report on custom reason codes.  UCCX and CUIC do not have this capability available by default, but with some customization it can be done.

Here's an official bug CSCue26150 indicating Cisco is only considering this a documentation defect as they seem to think this functionality is acceptable by design.
UCCX: Not Ready Reason Code Report Does Not Display Custom Reason Codes

Here's a decent write up by a Cisco representative who apparently fields daily calls on why this is so painful but isn't 11.5 specific and lacks some detail for the newbies. 

Here's my version / what I suggest:

Create a custom version of your report
  • Click the ellipses to the right of the report name and choose Save As
  • Choose a new descriptive report name and location.  For example I have "Agent Not Ready Reason Code Summary Report 1" in a "Custom" folder.

Run the new copy of the report while filtering by your custom reason codes.
  • Here I know a custom code 108 equates to "Admin Duties" and 111 equates to "Done for the Day". We'll filter on those.  You can have a maximum of 8 codes displayed separately but the sum of the ninth through whatever will be displayed in a single column.  You may have to run multiple reports to display your data.
  • I will also select the "Save the chosen filter as default" check box to make filtering easier easier in the future.
  • Then run the report.

Verify the data column order
  • The columns will not have headers that reflect the descriptions of your custom ready codes.  The headers will still be the default names displayed if you did not filter at all (i.e. RC 32,751 or RC 32,752, etc.).
  • Use the SQL output or "View Filter Information" to verify what order your codes were retrieved in.   Here we see we retrieved 108 first and 111 second.  This should correspond to the order you entered them in your filter list.

Rename your column headers to make report readable
  • Choose "Edit View" from drop down.
  • Scroll to the column from the Selected list that you want to rename and click the edit pencil icon.
  • Change the Display Name to something meaningful.  Here I will use 108 Admin Duties and 111 Done for the Day.  Click Done.
  • To further tailor your report, you can remove unused columns from this same Selected List by selecting them and using the left button.

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  1. Where is the description of all the reasoncodes available in UCCX? Do we have reasoncode master table as like UCCE? or Any CISCO documentation with description of all the reasoncodes?