Sunday, May 07, 2017

MS Windows 10 desk top icons detail and list view

Edit: As of May 19, 2017 this feature seems to have been broken by some Windows updates. Crl Shift 1 - 4 resize the icons but I can no longer get them to appear in "ListView".

For years I've had a small program running at startup on my Windows 7 based PC.  It would convert the icons and text on my Win7 desktop to what look likes the list view in Windows Explorer, allowing me access to dozens of frequently used shortcuts, files and folders there without consuming much real estate or requiring flipping between my applications and my desktop view.

My internal IT team was kind enough to upgrade my laptop recently and I was happy to find Windows 10 now has this feature built in.

To emulate my old experience, while your desktop has the focus, press Ctrl Shift 5.

If you'd like additional detail, Ctrl Shift 6 changes the view what appears to be the Explorer Details view.

It seems Ctrl Shift 0 through 9 may provide easy switching between various views.

Cool.  Thanks Windows 10.

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