Monday, June 14, 2004

Repartee for Win2000 and Iwatsu ADIX

On the Iwatsu ADIX, it was common to simply send forwarding extensions and 9 plus the originating extensions to voicemail systems.

If you wish to retain this simplicity behind a Repartee for Windows, you need to edit the AVANALOG.AVD file.

Add the lines:

Data36= 9I DIRECT
Data38= 9 OPENING
Data39= 77xxx OPENING

to the [ADIX] field.

Data 36 prompts for a password when retrieving messages, Data 37 plays greetings associated with forwarding extensions, Data 38 plays the default opening greeting for extensions dialing the voicemail system, and Data 39 sends all trunk calls to the opening greeting as well when 77 is used in the ADIX as a trunk call packet.

Be careful to retain the spaces between fields in the AVANALOG.AVD file. The above example should be used as reference for the data, not the format. I suggest you copy and paste Data 35 and edit it appropriately.

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