Thursday, June 24, 2004

Arcserve 7 for Novell Database Damage

If your database is definately hosed, perform the following:

a) At the server console, perform ASTOP
b) From a Workstation, rename the DATABASE directory which is in the ARCSERVE directory
c) Make a copy of the EMPTYDB directory and rename it to DATABASE (you effectively have a fresh blank database now)
d) Perform ASTART at the server console
e) Merge the backup tape back into the database.
f) Once this is completed, perform the restore as the tape contents will be in the new database

Subsequent backups should merge into the database as normal, previous backups will have to be merged back in.  If the tape contents are ot merging into the database for any reason, you can tweak BTrieve - post your NetWare version and Service Pack and I can post tweaks you can try

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