Tuesday, June 08, 2010

UCCX agent doesn't appear in CSD

Ran into a situation after an upgrade to UCCX 7 sr 4, where an agent on a particular team was not visible to the supervisor in CSD. Call flow was not affected.

Manual synchronization techniques https://supportforums.cisco.com/docs/DOC-9162

If you are running UCCX 7.0(1) SR4 and after performed a change under the team configuration its not been reflect in the supervisor application, the root cause of this could be the following DDTs CSCtd46752 and a manual synchronization comes handy, this process does not affect your call procesing or any other services of your UCCX. Here are the steps to go through the process.

1. If necessary open a RDP or VNC connection towards the UCCX server. (UCCX IP address)
2. In the CDA go to "Desktop Administrator" menu and select the option for "Site A"
3. The new window will request for a username and password. Default values are username "admin" and live the password as blank.
4. Go over the personnel menu and confirm if your agents appear under the correct team
5. If a mis-synchronization occurs between your AppAdmin configuration and what your output displays; we need to perform a manual synchronization to update the team information. In order to accomplish this please go over "Services Configuration" - "Synchronize Directory Services" and click over "Manual Synchronization of Directory Services".
6. After the process has ended please go over the personnel menu and confirm if the synchronization succeed.

Restart service
If that doesn't work, you can restart the 'Cisco Desktop Sync Service' - if you do this from Control Centre in appadmin then it shouldn't cause a failover or outage. Often the sync stops, so what you configure in Cisco-land (appadmin) doesn't make it's way over to Calabrio-land (CAD etc).

See CSCtd46752 Bug Details for details:
Issue is seen after the UCCX 7.0(1) is upgraded to SR 4
Changing agent TEAM successfully maps the agent to the new team in APPADMIN page but in Cisco desktop ADMIN the TEAM of that agent shows as "DEFAULT" instead of the new Team.

At this time, the bug is unresolved.

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