Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cisco CUCME custom desktop images for 7962G, 7942G, 7961G, 7961G-GE, 7941G, and 7941G-GE

The later versions of Cisco CUCME provides sample desktop images for phones that support 320x212x12 image file sizes (i.e. 7970).

For those of you looking to provide images for 7962G, 7942G, 7961G, 7961G-GE, 7941G, and 7941G-GE, you need to use a different file size and folder.

You need to create two or scale two existing images with the following attributes:

  • Full size image to display on the desktop -320 pixels (width) X 196 pixels (height).
  • Thumbnail image to display in the desktop selection menu - 80 pixels (width) X 49 pixels (height).

If you are using a graphics program that supports a posterize feature for grayscale, set the number of tonal levels per channel to 16, and the image will posterize to 16 shades of grayscale.

You will need to also create a List.xml file to direct phones to the available desktops. The format should be as follows:

<ImageItem Image="TFTP:Desktops/320x212x12/TN-CiscoLogo.png"


! Make the directory in flash
mkdir flash:/Desktops/320x196x4
! Copy the files to flash

copy tftp://YourTFTPserverAddress/TN-ImageName.png flash:/Desktops/320x196x4
copy tftp://YourTFTPserverAddress/ImageName.png flash:/Desktops/320x196x4

! Allow phones to access the files
tftp-server flash:/Desktops/320x196x4/SmallImageName.png
tftp-server flash:/Desktops/320x196x4/SmallImageName.png
tftp-server flash:/Desktops/320x196x4/List.xml

Enjoy your new desktop(s).

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