Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cisco CUCM 7.X - Find the Attendant Console Pluggin

As of CUCM version 8.X, the server code related to the old Attendant Console Pluggin that was provided in versions 4.X and above no longer exists, and the Attendant Console Pluggin you've been using for years is not supported and / or simply won't work.  You'll need to investigate the stand alone Cisco attendant console at and additional cost, or a third party solution.

With that, if you are performing upgrades from versions when the pluggin was supported through version 7, it theoretically is still supported.  It is officially not supported on new installs of version 7 though.  Of course, no one is installing new 7.X versions at this point, so what's the problem?

During a long, slow upgrade project to get a customer from 7 to 9, I found the pluggin is not available via the CUCM pluggins page after an interim upgrade to 7.0(2) .

Proceeding as cautiously through this project as I could, I wanted to have a copy in the event something else blew up.  If all else fails, I like to keep in the operators' good graces.

As it turns out, although it didn't make it to the download web interface, you can still download the pluggin from the following URL:


Happy upgrades!

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