Monday, November 23, 2015

Cisco SNR / Mobility / Single Number Reach How To

Here's a little text file I've had on my desktop for awhile.  Just cleaning laptop house... 

SNR Notes:
  1. Create / find an end user and associate his deskphone
    1. user needs to control device on user page
    2. device needs to be owned by user on device page
  2. Configure Remote Destination Profile
    1. Device->Device Settings-> Remote Destination Profile
    2. Make sure your remote destination number (i.e. your Mobile number) matches a Route pattern going to your Gateway
    3. Make sure the Re-routing CSS has the access to the Route pattern to successfully route the call to your mobile numbe
  3. Associate the line number to your desk phone extension
  4. Configure Remote Destination
    1. Device->Remote Destination
    2. Make sure you check Mobile phone and enable Mobile connect.
    3. Associate it with the Remote Destination Profile
  5. Add Mobility to softkey template

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