Monday, August 01, 2016

UCCX CUIC Exported Reports Blank in Excel

After deploying UCCX 11.0 and working on setting thresholds in some live reports in CUIC I found that reports exported to Excel couldn't be opened.  When attempting to open the XLS file, Excel itself would open but not the report.  Excel would sit open, idle, returning no dialog box or even a blank default workbook.  It would simply be an idle instance of Excel displaying no information.

Bug CSCux50551 indicates there is a known issue with exporting the Abandoned Call Detail Activity Report but my issue was the same regardless of what report was exported.

I also found that the exported report could be opened in a text editor and that some data could be gleaned between markup tags.  If I opened the exported report in a browser, it could be viewed in a rather crude format.

Ultimately I discovered a security feature of either my laptop's Windows implementation or my Excel installation was preventing the file from being accessed on my laptop.  Unfortunately there was no dialog box indicating that was the case so it took a bit to decipher.

Right-click your exported report XLS file to view the properties.  Look for a Security reference.  The description on mine was "This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect the computer."  Simply hitting the Unblock button and Apply fixed my glitch.

Here's a screen shot of my blank Excel instance and the file property page:

For reference, I'm using Office Professional Plus 2010 on Windows 7 Professional on a domain different that the UCCX servers.

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